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I’m out here weeping in the moonlight. How did this happen? I’m not drunk. I was thinking of all my lost loves and all the near misses. But still it was the moonlight that brought on tears.. It’s way past midnight and the sky is clear. Maybe it was because i couldn’t get ahold of [...]

Night Music

Night Music for Li Po I don’t open envelopes anymore. I don’t search for anything in my filing cabinet. I dream about empty room in old houses. I watch my phone like it’s a t.v. show. The neighbors sit on their front porches and shout at each other. I talk to no one. A miracle [...]


A new poem from James

Bird Prints

The Difference is Design

Some bits about framing and James.

A New Lyda Rose

Lyda Rose Gallery and Framing has joined Forstall Framing at the Forstall Art Center 402 Palisades Blvd. Phone James for appointment times at 205 915-5875 Thanks, and stay tuned for more information about the changes at Lyda Rose

Announcing a new Lyda Rose web presence

Maybe we need an excerpt

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