James Wood

James Wood, owner and fiddler

I was little for awhile, then that went away and I took up an interest in art, literature, music and painting. I studied music and literature in college and got my first job framing. I graduated and tried my hand at writing, playing music and teaching. What a party. I went to New York City on a grant to study music and stayed. I stayed on performing and starring at a number of frame shops.
That is, I needed rent and my old skills came in handy.

I wound up framing one place or another for over twenty years in New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey.

The last few years, I worked exclusively at museum and gallery frame shops. The art was wonderful and the standards for excellence dizzying. I loved going to openings in my tux and knowing I was in on some big deals. Still, I was changing and found I missed and needed the interchange with individual frame seekers.

Armed with way too much knowledge about conservation framing, I set out four or five years ago to find myself a niche or place outside of New York City. How I came to Alabama is another story and I’ll gladly tell it to anyone needing an anti-caffeine fix.

Still here I am, after several other successes in the South, the owner of Lyda Rose Gallery. Seems like only yesterday, too. I hope my ideas and experiences in framing, along with my enjoyment of this kind of collaborative work, will be a good deal for us all.